How to follow corporate dress code when it makes no sense

Dress code without frame

I’ve started a new job and as part of my orientation, I had to review the corporate dress code. It’s pretty standard compared to others I’ve been subjected to in the work place. But since I’m nearing the end of my career, I seem to have less patience for the ‘rules.’ Especially rules that make […]

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31 Steps to an absolutely guilt-free day

Beautiful athletic woman jumping on a green meadow with a scarf

Awakening refreshed after eight hours of uninterrupted sleep, you luxuriated in the memory of yesterday, a day devoid of guilt. What steps did you take to earn such a rare treasure? Applied sunscreen before turning on overhead light. Attached FitBit and logged 30 minutes of low impact aerobics. Practiced 15 minutes of Loving-Kindness meditation. Celebrated […]

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Dear Mom, Having a wonderful time, wish you were here

Greeting card with the inscription "Happy Mothers Day" with pink carnations on a bright blue background with white polka dots

Dear Mom, Another Mother’s Day has come and gone, and I still can’t believe I couldn’t hug and kiss you, give you a mushy card, and a box of Godiva’s. You know the tradition in the church on Mother’s Day, when they pass out pink carnations to women who still have a living mother, and white to […]

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When you care enough, you’ll thank a nurse

Nurse in workplace

You know what is hard about choosing to become a registered nurse? Society assumes you chose the occupation to help people. But then stereotypes your noble profession as a contradiction between a sex symbol and a deranged killer. In real life, there are as many reasons to go into the nursing profession, as there are […]

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Announcing an innovative new exercise recliner

dog tired - bulldog stretched back resting in a recliner on white background

The government and health care associations constantly encourage us to exercise to improve our health. It has been tough to sustain motivation when our recliners offer us a soft place to fall, after an exhausting day working at sedentary jobs. I believe it is possible to overcome our resistance to exercise by capitalizing on our love of the […]

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Are you afraid to dream small?


Bucket lists are fashionable, with people grasping to fulfill lifelong dreams. I don’t know about you, but I am intimidated by some of these lists that look like a ‘to do’ list for overachievers. And comparing my aspirations with these dynamos makes me feel pathetic. Not one to tarry in shame and humiliation, I have […]

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9 strategies to help you conquer spring cleaning

Housewife holding bucket with cleaning equipment. Conceptual photo of spring cleaning. Isolated on white

The calendar has declared the arrival of spring, even though we are still sporting coats, boots and mittens to fend off frostbite. Since I am the Queen of Superficial Cleaning, I feel it is my duty to share some valuable spring cleaning strategies. Start with uplifting music blaring loud enough to drown out the whirr of the vacuum […]

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Deep cleaning: Is that even a thing?

Basket with cleaning items on blurry background

Our son, James, has shown some disturbing qualities, and I blame my husband, Patrick, who has been his stepfather since 1991. Let me explain. The other day we were talking with James, and he mentioned that he and his wife were hiring someone to do some ‘deep cleaning’ for them. My reaction was, “Deep cleaning? […]

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Do you suffer from decision fatigue?

pretty woman with a cart shopping and choosing goods at the supermarket

Do you have trouble with the multitude of decisions involved in accomplishing mundane activities? Like grocery shopping? Here is how a typical trip to the grocery store evolves for me. Before I leave home I choose the week’s menu, and make an organized list of the items I need to create these culinary delights. I enter Hannaford with […]

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Floundering on the road to serenity


Last week, when Patrick drove home from choir practice and backed into the garage, I did something bizarre. I did not suck the oxygen from the car, offer GPSA (Garage Positioning System Advice), and shriek “Don’t hit the recycle bin!” Instead, I sat in peaceful silence. And I inhaled a whiff of the exotic perfume […]

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