“How to Write and Share Humor” comes to Bangor as part of world tour

Resting in Pine Tree cropped

Donna Cavanagh has written a fantastic book for humor writers entitled, How to Write and Share Humor: Techniques to Tickle Funny bones and Win Fans. I not only endorse this book with all of my shallow heart, I also participated in the book’s world tour by introducing it to the beautiful city of Bangor, Maine. Join me for this unique and hilarious tour.

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I avoid medical imaging and this is why

Photo courtesy Pixabay

I have been known to avoid medical imaging, and I’ve been thinking about the reasons why. Maybe boring deeply into my body with radioisotopes goes against my shallow cellular grain. Maybe I don’t need validation of my self-diagnosis with gadolinium-laced contrast medium. Maybe as a nurse I’ve seen one too many frequent imaging flyers, who […]

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