Winter fatigue – #flash fiction

Beverly pulled open the curtain, peering at a dismal winter day.

Why can’t there be color? I need to see something besides black, white and gray, she thought.

She smiled in spite of her foul mood when she realized she couldn’t look away.

Like a car wreck.

She spied something red in a tree branch. Abandoning her coffee, she donned her heavy, wool coat, and lumbered out to investigate. Her mind churned with possibilities.

Was it a cardinal? Or a wayward, satin ribbon?

The sale flyer mocked her as she stared at an advertisement for a red snow blower.

via February 1: Flash Fiction Challenge – Carrot Ranch 

February 1, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features something black and white. It could be a nun in a zebra monster truck, a rigid way of thinking, a bird in a tuxedo — be imaginative and go where the prompt leads.

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©2018, Stevens. All rights reserved.

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40 thoughts on “Winter fatigue – #flash fiction

  1. Brilliant! I can easily see myself in that situation, hoping for an adventure beyond snow removal. I’m so glad you ventured to something called “fiction.” It’s only because “flash creative writing” sounds lame. Fiction stands in for any creative writing. It’s fun to do!

  2. Wow! Great work! I had something similar happen in real life, only it was a flash of orange that broke up my bleak landscape: an extension cord one of the guys had left hanging in an apple tree just far enough away from the house so that I had to go investigate. I actually started to write a poem about it, but I got de-railed. Maybe I”ll go back to it someday?

  3. To me, ‘Flash Fiction’ is the test of a quality writer. You succeeded with flying colours (and bonus points)!

  4. That was absolutely wonderful Molly. The picture you paired with it was in perfect sync with the 99 word story you wrote. Well done! Your choice of words made me feel like I was watching Beverly from the room. Did she really have to abandon her coffee though !? LOL 😉

  5. I doff my cap to you, Molly. It’s red too and all that can be seen of me above the 10cm of snow that fell last night and the sky full of the stuff that’s still falling. Wonderful piece of flash fiction.

    • Talk about winter fatigue, Karen! I’m hoping if I keep trying my hand at flash fiction I’ll be able to transport my story to a warmer climate. Keep your red hat on so you won’t go missing!

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