Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Wash Dishes

My mother tried to mold me into a good dishwasher when I was a little girl.  But despite this early childhood training, I have a confession. I am a terrible dishwasher, and I should not be allowed to wash dishes for a multitude of excellent reasons.

I don’t thoroughly wash them. This puts a lot of pressure on the quality control person AKA the dish drier who must practice vigilance to catch smudges and crusted food left behind.



I can’t stack them.  Even though you may appreciate the creativity of the rolling pin that looks like a little wooden soldier wearing a Tupperware hat, this is clearly not stable. You can see that the avalanche has already begun, and it is only a matter of time until the whole business clatters into destruction.


Cute but unstable.

I break them.  {sigh}

Oops! (Photo by Pixabay)

I whine and complain.  “The water is too hot.”  “The suds has disappeared with all this grease.”  “My Playtex gloves have a hole in them and don’t match my outfit.”  “My back hurts from standing so long.”


I hate this.

I get distracted.  When I see a shiny object or hear an enticing sound (did someone finally retweet me?),  I am prone to walk away from the job, ignoring tiny little details that may matter later.


I know, I know,  I left the dishwasher open again.

I miss important items.  How many times have I drained the dishwater cesspool, cleaned out slimy goobers skulking in the drain, only to turn around and find a crusted object that was ‘hiding’ from my line of vision?


Guess this better soak for 5 or 6 days.

I’d rather do any other household task besides dishes. Except maybe dusting.


Contentment is a clean crapper.

What household task should you be banned from performing?

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22 thoughts on “Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Wash Dishes

  1. Your stacking! I love it. I soak my entire front when I was dishes, and I spray the area behind the sink. I am a dishwashing disaster. I can fold a mean basket of laundry though.

    • I HATE to wash dishes and I am so bad at it! The good news is the fronts of the cupboards and the floor gets a soaking and the bad news is I have to replace a lot of dishes that I break when my stack goes bad. Laundry is another story and happy to say my husband does all the laundry to save our clothes from certain disaster! I do a good job with superficial vacuuming though. 🙂

  2. Molly,
    I got the same education but it was my father saying, “Help your mother”. As a kid we always fought over who was going to wash because the guy drying could always take the dish around the corner and watch TV while he was drying. Then we graduated to washing the “milk things” in the dairy barn. I got a lot faster doing that and it held over into my adulthood. I know find I’m a pretty good dishwasher but do have the occasional lapse such as your picture of the empty sink area except for the running water. I’ve only done that once or twice. The last time I did it Cindy got to the kitchen first and made a loud exclamation. I came running and didn’t see the water cascading onto the floor. Instead I saw the reflection of the pellet stove off the wall and thought we had a fire. I ran toward the stove which was directly in line with the cascading water and I went flying, hit my foot on the base of the pellet stove and then bounced back. Cindy got a good chuckle out of that then felt bad because she laughed at me. I haven’t walked away from the sink since. It is good to see you haven’t gone the way of a mechanical dishwasher. Dusting is my downfall.


  3. Floor scrubbing. I am known to throw a wet rag on the floor and push it around with my bare foot.It works and I feel like I’m dancing:)

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