Why I Save User Manuals and You Should Too

User-Manual_featuredI save User Manuals for all my appliances because they contain important safety instructions. It is vital to read the manual thoroughly before using your gadget, as this can prevent you and your loved ones from shock, burns, electrocution, lacerations, hair loss, fire, food poisoning, and even death.

I will review actual warnings cited in the manuals of some common household appliances, and share some blunders I’ve made in hopes you can avoid my potentially lethal mistakes.


“Remove beaters before washing”


Glad I read the User Manual before I fired up the dishwasher!

Table top Grill

“Do not place in a heated oven”


After I finished making Panini sandwiches it seemed logical to pop this cute little grill into a 350 degree oven!


“Do not store food in microwave when not in use”


The refrigerator was full and there was so much extra space in the microwave. I was planning to cook it in the next few days…..

Immersion blender

“Keep hair away from blades”


Evidently I put the wrong end in the soup and when I leaned over to investigate…well you can see what happened.

Vacuum cleaner

“Do not use on people or animals”


Sorry Zoe. Even though you LOVED this, we’re going back to the spiky wire brushy thingy.


“Do not store items of interest to children on the cooktop as children could be seriously injured climbing up to reach them”


When I decided to store Mr. Potato Head on a gas burner, I didn’t think about the risk to my grandsons.  (Potatoes – my favorite!)


Hair Dryer

“Never use while sleeping”


This was such a timesaver on busy mornings.  Guess I can kiss that extra sleep goodbye!


“Use caution when you turn a steam iron upside down – there may be hot water in the water tank”


There ‘may be’ hot water? MAY BE my right buttock! !@!#&##@!

Clothes Dryer 

“Do not allow children to play on or in the dryer”


Grandson 2 wanted to play in the dryer but because I had read my USER MANUAL, I said NO.

Disclaimer:  No people or animals were harmed during the preparation of this blog, but I did end up leaving the chicken in the microwave all night.  It’s okay though because it was already dead.


I am sure I have convinced you of the absolute necessity of reading, saving and continuing to refer back to that valuable document known as:  The User Manual.  There is danger lurking in those innocent looking appliances we use every day.

Do you have any other urgent safety tips you can share?

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  1. Perhaps you might comment on the “do not remove” tags found on mattresses and other items. :)))

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