Where To Go For Answers to Life’s Shallow Questions

thinkingman4We all know where to go for answers to life’s deep questions like:  What is the meaning of life?  Where am I going?  What should I wear today?  This is when reading the Bible, programing your GPS, and having a fashion consultant all come to the rescue.

I know God is interested in small things and capable of handling them, but I do hesitate to overload Him with shallow matters when there are so many colossal issues needing His attention.  And even though He knows what a goofball I am, sometimes I have to admit I’m embarrassed to ask Him some of my questions.

Let me give you some examples.

I opened the refrigerator door one morning and saw this random piece of aluminum foil sitting on a shelf.  What mindless state was I in when I put it back in refrigerator?


Can I blame this on Patrick?

What happens to twist ties?  As soon as I release these mini-magicians from their duties of holding things together, they vanish, rivaling the skills of the greatest illusionists of all time.

It doesn’t help that they blend into the countertop

What did I do in the night to convert my perfectly straight hair-that-I’ve-learned-to-accept, into this?

Taking jumbled to a new level

How can Bed, Bath and Beyond give you 20% off ALL your purchases ALL the time?

Pretty sure they mark things up ALL the time

Why don’t they make supersized boxes of cereal wider, not taller?

One thing does not fit like the others

What is a tick-i-dee?

Is it like a chick-a-dee only smaller?

What is this decaying food that I found in the bottom of my lunch bag?

I think it’s a peach pit

Why doesn’t McCormick make spice jars big enough to accommodate a teaspoon?


It’s like they don’t want you to use it up

Just as I was about to decide there were no answers to these questions, I found this card in my work mailbox.  It turns out none of my concerns are too silly or trivial for God to handle.


Though unspoken, my prayer had been answered!

What I didn’t realize was that the person at the other end of the 1-877 number offers ’employee assistance.’  She didn’t have a lot of specific answers to my questions, but I do feel like I’m making progress.  The voices in my head have subsided, but not before God told me this profound truth:  He is stockpiling twist ties along with missing socks and lost marbles in an undisclosed location.

Where do you turn for answers to life’s most shallow questions?

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