When you love something NEVER let it go

A few weeks ago Patrick and I had a visit with our two adorable shallow grandsons. I remember exactly when it was because it was the day we both came down with “50 Shades of Green.”

We bought a new toy for the SGS (shallow grandsons) and Shallow Grandson #1 (SG1) was especially thrilled with it. He immediately claimed it as his own, and declared he would be taking it home. To reinforce custody of his coveted new toy, he did not let it out of his grasp.

I believe his possessiveness was motivated by fear that Shallow Grandson #2 (SG2) might hone in on his territory and try to play with it (translation:  break it). He guarded his new Lego Train set closely and played with it only when GS2 was napping or otherwise occupied.


He watched “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” with it. (Hey don’t judge us, we were sick!)


He rested with it. (Yes, there is a precious lump of grandson nestled under that LL Bean kid-sized down quilt.)


He rode in the car with it while having a healthy snack.


And he napped with it.


He did achieve the result he wanted which reinforces this ageless truth:

Luckily for GS2 he got to play with GS1’s outdated train set so both boys were happy……until…….


…….they came down with “50 Shades of Pediatric Green” complete with fever, cough, congestion and ear infections. Seems their loving Shallow Grandma and Grandda shared more than toys and legos with their precious baby boys.  {Sigh}

And they in turn generously shared this virulent virus with their shallow exhausted parents.


Can you think of a time when you loved something so much you knew you’d NEVER let it go?

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8 thoughts on “When you love something NEVER let it go

  1. Last photo must be daddy James and GS2. Very sweet. Could GS2 possibly be any cuter?! I think NOT. xo BK

  2. hahahahahahaha!!!!! Molly you are too funny!!
    I do just what SG 1&2 do – I guard whatever it is with my life!!

  3. Cute! Usually it is the other way around. The kids are usually the ones spreading the sickness to the adults.


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