When you have dreams, why not dream big?

My son’s wife, Kelley, has a unique gift. When she expresses a desire, even if it seems unattainable, it comes true.

Like the time she wrote a list of her goals and included, ‘meet Oprah,’ and within a few months Oprah chose her as an Ultimate Viewer, extended an invitation to attend an Oprah show, and gave her a trip to Australia. With Oprah.


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It seemed impossible, but this happened

Last week Patrick and I went to The Fiddlehead Restaurant with James and Kelley, using a gift certificate they gave us for Christmas. We wanted to go sooner, but between my recurrent sinusitis, and their ongoing scourge of strep throat, colds, and conjunctivitis we considered it a victory to be disease-free by mid-May.

During our dinner conversation, Kelley talked about Mark Zuckerberg. She is intrigued about the Harvard dropout’s delivery of this year’s commencement speech at Harvard and follows him on Facebook.

She said, “I want to meet him someday.”

As we prepared to leave the restaurant several delays prolonged our goodbyes. James and Kelley stopped to talk to friends from Cameron’s preschool, I had to go to the bathroom, and James had a dental floss emergency.

We gathered in the courtyard outside the restaurant and while I was rummaging through my purse looking for a single string of floss and James was fretting about the food caught in his teeth, Kelley and Patrick observed a young couple scurry past them. Kelley smiled at the man and waved. He smiled back.

It was Mark Zuckerberg with his wife, Priscilla. In Bangor, Maine. Minutes after Kelley expressed her desire to meet him.


My experience manifesting a desire

Earlier in the week, I had a conversation with a friend about noticing snakes. She sees them at the beginning of spring, late in fall, and multiple times in between, finding respite when they finally go into hibernation.

A few days after the Mark Zuckerberg incident, Patrick and I went for a walk, and I told him about my friend’s penchant for seeing snakes. I commented that I never see them but snickered, “I’ll probably start seeing them now.”

Lost in reverie as we inhaled the sweet smell of cut grass, listened to birds communicating through song, and swatted flies I exclaimed, “Look! It’s a snake!”

We watched while a snake slithered through the grass on the edge of the road.

“Wow, “ I asserted with enthusiasm, “Apparently I have the gift of manifesting my desires too!”

Patrick pondered my declaration and advised, “Molly, I think you need to raise the bar on your expectations.”


When have you experienced a dream or desire come true? Do share your stories from the reptilian (like mine) to the sublime (like Kelley’s). 

P.S. I didn’t have any dental floss.


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65 thoughts on “When you have dreams, why not dream big?

  1. Molly,
    I remember you telling me about Kelley and Oprah, and the Australia trip..with Oprah.
    I also heard about Mark Zuckerberg in Maine.
    So, when is Kelley free to get together with me? I have some wishes I’d like to come true! ?

    • I think Kelley could have a bright future as a medium for making wishes come true, Amanda. But she tells me she can’t manifest on demand. If you’d like to see a snake, however, I’m available for hire. 😉 So good to see your comment!

  2. I’m now going to refine my list of attributes for my future daughter-in-laws. Does Kelley have any sisters, by chance? If so, I have two eligible sons.
    I Loved the blog! To answer you question, one of my dreams was to visit Ireland. My husband’s family was born there so his aunt planned a trip with us to visit. A week before we were leaving, we found out that she never planned to go with us due to her Parkinson’s – we never knew and as she lives across the US from us, we had not seen her in several years. She had only planned and paid for us to go. While not quite the same situation as Kelley’s, I’m truly grateful for the generosity of a women focused on making my dream come true in spite of her inability to share in it. Side story but as always, your blog either makes me laugh…makes me think…or stimulates my memory!

    • What a beautiful story, Sheri, of a dream come true. You have the start of a blog post with this one. Kelley does have a beautiful younger sister. If she and her boyfriend part ways, I’ll have her get in tough with you. 😉 Always wonderful to get your comments.

  3. That last line made me giggle like crazy – great setup! Any change you and Kelley could bottle that manifestation mojo and ship it to New Hampshire? I know a few people who might be interested… *grin*

    • I’m coming to NH to attend the National Society of Newspaper Columnists conference in June. I’ll bring some of Kelley’s fairy dust and look for an abandoned snake skin to pack in my suitcase. That ought to help make some NH dreams come true!

  4. How wonderful for your daughter in law to know that she need just express her wishes and somehow the universe conspires with her to make them come true. A true lesson.

  5. I sincerely loved this post Molly! Not only does it inspire us to reach for those dreams we would normally consider outside our reach, but I’m left with a sense of wonder at the “how” of it all. I don’t necessary not “how” these miraculous coincidences come about, but that doesn’t;t mean I don’t cherish the magic.
    Thank you so much for this!

    • It is truly a mystery and I believe it demonstrates the power we humans leave untapped. What could we manifest in our lives if we only believed we could? I can’t wait to find out can you, Gabe? Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment today.

  6. I love this!! I believe in setting intentions and then setting the stage for the manifestion. One quick example: the church sanctuary where I work badly needed the carpet replaced. I set the intention that it would happen within the year. Started getting estimates to the tune of $40,000!!! Two months later a water pipe burst and the room was flooded and insurance paid to have the carpet replaced! Not quite how I pictured it but, hey, God always has a better plan!

  7. Really interesting post. You have me thinking! As a teenager and younger woman I recall this used to happen to me quite a lot. Coincidences and strong feelings that something would happen a certain way…I came across it a lot. I seem to have lost the knack, or the gift…whatever you wish to call it. I enjoyed this a lot, thank you 🙂

    • It’s time to reignite your gift, Em. You know how to do it, so what is holding you back? Let your dreams run riot! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment today.

    • Do it Ritu. There is magic in asking for your heart’s desire. I have a feeling you are doing it more than you know with your blogging success. Don’t hold back as your joy awaits you! Thanks for leaving a comment today.

  8. Wow! I think Kelley must have some magic about her! I’d like some of that, too. I think the more we believe something can happen, the more likely it will. *squeezes eyes shut* I want a million dollars and an island! ?

    • Good luck with that Becca! I hope all of your heart’s desires come true including the million dollars and the island. You helped make my dreams come true today by leaving a comment on my blog.

    • I just checked your blog and have enjoyed visiting. I have visited before from seeing your on Sally’s blog. Love the Sir Chocolate concept. I’m going to get a book for my grandsons! Your fondant figures are adorable!

  9. Unbelievable! Doesn’t Kelly want me to win the lottery??? But, seriously, you have hit on the secret of life, I truly believe. Our words, thoughts and the emotions we put behind them have so much power. Let’s dream BIG, my friend and believe it!

    • With Kelley’s abilities she could help us both win the lottery. Even without buying tickets! You are right about the power of our beliefs. I’m going to dream big and to show how much progress I’m making I didn’t see any snakes today. Let’s make some things happen in our next act sister! I don’t mean sister act. I don’t look good in those habits.

  10. Wow!! Please have Kelley say out loud every dream you’ve ever had! Well, I mean she has to say that she wants “whatever it is you want”, of course!! That is amazing!!
    Why did you pick snakes for Pete’s sake??? NEVER pick snakes!!

  11. I would love to go to Australia some day and probably could put up with Oprah in order to make that happen. But it might be more fun to go with Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, if I’m really going to dream big — Elle Macpherson!

  12. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs for some time – they make me laugh every time (not at you,with you I hasten to add) and yes you did it again! My dream is to create an amazing coaching business helping women flourish in midlife and beyond. But for right now, my dream is a nice cup of tea – earl grey and a bit of piece and quiet where I’m not harassed by husbands (I do only have 1) a ten year old daughter and a dog that wants to go outside….then inside…then out again!

    • You made me laugh, Dawn, with your reference to a dog that is always on the wrong side of the door. We’ve had two of these indecisive beasts and they didn’t allow much leisure time for us. I love your dream of creating a coaching business. Wait, not a coaching business but an AMAZING coaching business. I wish you great success and I’ll tell Kelley about it so she can put a good word in for you. Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing some laughs with me. Your comment makes all my efforts worthwhile. XO

      • Ha! I’m connecting into that Kelley energy right now and looking forward to your next blog xxx

  13. Great storytelling, Molly! I’ve been trying to manifest a good night’s sleep on a regular basis, so I’ve been nodding off in front of the TV around 9:00 p.m. Does that count?

  14. That is crazy about the Mark Zuckerberg thing! My big dream is actually my blog. Well, the blog is the start of my big dream, I should say. I’ll let you know if the big part of this dream ever comes true.

    • You have a great blog, Christine and you are such a talented writer. I’m positive you can make your dream come true if it involves your gift of writing. That’s my dream, too. That I can write, people will read it, and they will (mostly) laugh. There needs to be more laughter in our sad and troubled world. And yes, it was crazy when Mark Zuckerberg came waltzing through that courtyard. What are the chances?

  15. Loved your eye-opening post, Shallow Reflections! Well told, and humorously told! I have a very modest desire: that my youngest daughter’s softball game game not be rained out again (4 of 7 canceled so far this spring). Next game is tomorrow, with rain predicted. Taking your column’s advice, I will visualize sun…

    • You are a great father, Dave. When my son was playing spring sports I used to wish for rain. The problem was my wish would be only half-granted and it would end up drizzling. And cold. And buggy. I hope you can muster up some sun for tomorrow’s game! Let me know how your visualization works for you.

      • Thank you! Well, I enjoy watching the games. Kids’ softball is sports at a basic, kind of pure level — unlike professional sports with all the greed, money, high-priced tickets, high-priced food, egotistical owners, etc. But, yes, if the weather is bad yet good enough to play I see your point about suffering parent spectators!

        • I actually enjoyed the games too, Dave. My son played soccer, basketball, indoor track, and baseball – both school and summer teams. After he graduated from high school my parent t-shirt was retired and I was inducted in the spectator hall of fame. I didn’t win any sportsmanship awards, however. LOL.

          • Four sports for your son? Impressive! My daughter is “only” doing three (softball, soccer, and gymnastics). Ha — you definitely deserved those spectator honors!

          • That ER-visits comment was very funny. 🙂

            Your daughter-in-law has better desiring skills than I; the May 25 softball game I had mentioned was rained out. 🙁

  16. Kelley’s dreaming is truly remarkable. I’m just curious — when she says she’d really like something to happen, does she do anything else? Meditate? Picture board? Voodoo? Molly, will you now focus on how you NEVER see snakes and hope they go back into hiding? Love this post! 🙂

    • I’m not sure what else Kelley does when she has a dream but I did think I saw a cloud of pixie dust shimmering around her when she mentioned wanting to meet Mark Zuckerberg. I NEVER want to see a snake EVER again, Kate. I don’t even think we have them in Maine. And we don’t have bears either.

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