What’s in your mailbox?

It’s no secret that communication has changed and most of it takes place electronically these days. Yet the United States Postal Service does a great job continuing to bring us our bills, coupons, IRS notices and catalogs. Occasionally there is the joy of seeing a handwritten note in that cavern of possibilities called a mailbox, and that makes it all worthwhile.

Last night it was pitch black, three bone chilling degrees, and I had my dark non-reflective coat gathered tightly around me. I debated as I pulled into the driveway whether I should get out of my heated seat and venture across the icy road to get the mail or just forget about it.  There’s a federal law to deter hardened criminals from helping themselves to the treasures within that enticing black box, and I doubt it would overfill if I skipped just one day.

Visions of horror stories danced in my head as I recalled incidents when people have been injured or even killed while getting their mail under similar circumstances. My aunt Viola nearly froze to death on a below zero day when she slipped and fell on the ice chasing after a sale flyer.

You have probably surmised by now that I gave in and made that risky trek across the street. My ice-cold fingers trembled with excitement as I plucked this amazing postcard out of the box.   Wow!  At first I was skeptical but when I saw that “this is not a timeshare or land sale offer,”  I knew it was the real thing.

Where shall I go for my 2015 Celebration Delta “Getaway?”  I hope your jealousy will not restrain you from helping me decide. Ideas anyone?



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7 thoughts on “What’s in your mailbox?

  1. It is pretty exciting when the postal service actually brings you sometime you want to receive! If they delivered only on say Tuesday and Friday it would be one day too often. Saturday delivery is a total joke but the genius folks in Congress wouldn’t let the PO discontinue this………oh well….

  2. Gee, Molly, I was going to ask if I could join you on your get-away, but I’ve decided to wait until I win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. then I can go wherever I want.

    • True that. You won’t be limited to ‘most airports’ in the continental United States and only 3 days. Maybe you’ll take me along.

  3. Oh what joy!! Why don’t you fly on up to Canada. That way, experiencing even colder weather will make you appreciate our warmer temps as you make your nightly jaunts across the street to the magical black box!

    • Great suggestion and so consistent with what I would do. With my Aroostook County roots I took an annual trip to the County every February school vacation so my son could go snowmobiling and we could spend time with my family. My friends and co-workers would be taking trips to Florida and all sorts of warm spots and we would go north.

    • I’m so shocked that he got one too! Wow! What a coincidence. He and I should go buy a lottery ticket today with this kind of luck.

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