What everyone should know about the most social car ever designed

I just saw a commercial for the Nissan Murano, touted as “the most social car Nissan has ever designed.” This innovation has raised some disturbing questions for me, and I feel I owe it to my readers to share my concerns.

How does it work after you bring this social car home? On the commercial everyone is happy and hip and having a good time. But what if you get home and you’d rather not go out? Will the car go without you?

Photo courtesy Depositphotos: used with permission

When you finally find your keys, planning to take a quick trip to the grocery store for some Ben and Jerry’s for a pajama night watching a movie, will the car be down at the neighbor’s house having cocktails? Will it plan block parties behind your back with horrified guests greeted by a hostess wearing her fat pants, no bra, and an embarrassing Cherry Garcia stain on the front of her oversized tee-shirt?

Will there be an indicator on the dashboard that measures ethanol levels so you will know when to call a cab? Since gasoline already contains ethanol, I’m thinking it wouldn’t take much to tip this party animal over the limit.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of drivers’ texting. Will this car and the driver both be texting? Will the car come with its own Twitter and Facebook account? I shudder at the damage it could do to your professional image if it has a LinkedIn account.

Is there a way to alter settings so the car will only participate in social activities that are age appropriate according to the driver? I see a whole new world of worry for parents of teen drivers.

And what about introverts and octogenarians? Will they even be allowed to buy this car? I certainly don’t see this becoming the answer for the painfully shy or the new Buick any time soon.

Yes, it is shocking business to imagine a car that is designed to be social. Shocking indeed and I for one don’t like it. What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “What everyone should know about the most social car ever designed

  1. I for one do not want to be up worrying about my party animal of a vehicle out ramming the roads at all hours of the night!
    I will stick with my boring, introvert of a car. But it is a Nissan!
    Just not the wild one.


  2. It will be really scary when the car comes home with the back seat filled with a litter of mini bikes.

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