Weight loss tips to tame your inner glutton

I noticed a few months ago that five extra pounds had settled onto my pint-sized frame and I could not move the needle on the bathroom scale, even when I made the supreme sacrifice of skipping dessert for a couple of days.

I began to fuss about it, blaming my metabolism, my sedentary job, and the stress of the presidential election.

My husband, the truth teller AKA excuse slayer, interjected, “Molly, you eat a lot. (He said ‘a lot’ with ‘a lot’ of emphasis). Have you noticed you eat more than I do?”

“Whoa!” I countered, “When you leave perfectly good food on your plate that is too little to save but too much to waste, what am I supposed to do with it?”

But the truth of his words burrowed into my cellulite.

I am a volume eater.


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I like the feeling of an overstretched stomach. Couple that with speed eating, perfected from years working as a nurse with a 7-½ minute lunch ‘hour,’ and I think you can understand the enormity of my problem.

I knew I had to employ tricks to eat in bulk, yet cut calories. I looked to the experts and tried proven strategies.

The plate method. This is a simple concept of filling half of your plate with low-calorie options like lettuce or broccoli, ¼ with lean protein and ¼ with a healthy starch. This seemed like the perfect solution until Patrick queried, “Molly, do you think a turkey platter is the best choice for this technique?”

When you want something sweet, eat fruit. After dinner, I notoriously crave something sweet, so instead of scooping Ben and Jerry’s, I sliced an apple and savored every morsel. It was difficult to transition from the tartness of the apple to the creamy sweetness of the ice cream but I did a stellar job. Patrick observed, “Molly, do you think this means eat fruit AND dessert?” I quipped, “Won’t the fruit cancel the calories in the ice cream? And what about the legion of calories I burned crunching on that Mac?”

When eating out, eat half of all servings. Patrick and I went to Geaghan’s Irish Pub recently and we split an order of house wings, though Patrick believes I ate two more than he did. Serves him right for going to the bathroom leaving me alone. I always eat more when I’m lonely.

Anyway, I decided to try their homemade bread pudding for dessert, and when it arrived I asked for a take home box. I scooped half into the box while I ate the other half mindfully, resting my spoon on the table between bites.

When I finished Patrick was still eating wings he had hidden behind the napkin holder. It was boring to watch him eat so I decided to take a bite of my sequestered pudding. Which led to another bite. Was it my imagination or did Styrofoam make it more delicious? I don’t know how it happened but I found myself staring at two empty pudding vessels.

Patrick blabbed, “The server who brought the container just saw you eat the second half.” Embarrassed I acted quickly and plunked my crumpled napkin in the container, creating the perfect illusion that it enclosed a half serving. When it was time to leave, I clutched my crock of deception and gave our server an airy wave goodbye.

Not to be defeated I have contrived a sure-fire way to kick-start my weight loss progress. I’m eating three fewer bites of each meal.

I wonder how long it will take Patrick to notice I’m using serving tongs.

Are you a volume eater like me? What are your failsafe weight loss tips?



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39 thoughts on “Weight loss tips to tame your inner glutton

  1. I can relate to this on so many levels! I like to eat, and enjoy my food, and there needs to be enough of it to appreciate! Bite-sized portions just don’t cut it! 🙂

    • I know what you mean, Judy. And I always finish first which leaves me vulnerable for seconds. I mean, how boring is it to watch others eat, while my stomach begs to be stretched to the max? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today.

  2. Yes I think a problem many of us have, and me now especially after a vacation and visiting family and friends. Need to buckle down and get back to my normal, or whatever my normal used to be

    • Alas, my volume eating is in jeopardy, Debby, as I’ve had a bout with reflux and my doctor advised the unthinkable. Smaller meals. I’m still in the first phase of the grieving process: denial. LOL. Thanks so much for stopping by Shallow Reflections and leaving a comment. I hope you’ll come back!

      • I’ve had my struggles with reflux in the past, so I hear you. If I may offer a very helpful trick for that, take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar each morning upon rising and one before bed. Make sure it’s the pure kind with the ‘mother’ still in it. Google it for more info, it cured me! 🙂 And I’m now following your fun blog. Lovely to connect Molly 🙂

        • Wow. This is a great tip, Debby. I’ll have to try the apple cider thing. If that works I’ll call on you for a cure for hemorrhoids. Hahaha! Thanks so much for following the blog. I signed up for yours too today.

          • Yay! Now we’re blogging buddies. 🙂 And yes, do let me know how it goes. Give it a few days! I try to avoid pharmaceuticals wherever I can and this worked for me without having to take the prescribed proton pump inhibitors. 🙂

  3. Haha I’m on a mission to drop quite a few lbs before Christmas but oh my goodness, just the thought of homemade bread pudding made me gain half a pound! *drooling on keyboard*

  4. OMG I’m so with you. I eat in volume, all carbs and cannot figure out why I’m not my ideal weight?? I’m going to try your 3 fewer bit method. That’s the kind of dieting I can maybe actually do!

  5. Oh Molly! You had me at supreme sacrifice!! I am exactly the same way!! Except I was a teacher, but I had the same 7 1/2 minute lunch schedule!! By the time I made sure everyone had their OWN card, only took 1 serving of each food group, opened all their milks, went and got 15 new spoons, cuz they dropped theirs, and finally sat down, I’m not even sure if it was the whole 7 minutes or not! More like 2 1/2, since that was also my potty break. Anyway, liking full tummy, check. Speed eater, check. Eating more than EVERYone else, check. sigh Maybe I need to start following your tips??
    Hey, why we don’t we join some eating competitions, and make our skill set work FOR us, instead of against us?? And don’t they get free pies, or something too!! A snack for the trip home!

    • I am so glad you can relate, Melinda. I’m sure teachers have a lot in common with nurses when it comes to the speed lunch. I LOVE your idea about becoming a competitive eater. No sense in fighting against a God given talent, right? LOL.

  6. I’m like you. I love to eat. I eat healthy but and walk everyday but I still have to be careful about snacking especially in the afternoon when I have a cheese attack. I eat on small plates and don’t have much of a sweet tooth. My boyfriend eats so slow I’m usually done an hour before him. Seriously.it makes me crazy.

    • I cannot understand how people can eat slow, Rebecca! I try so hard to finish last and invariably I look up from my plate and see that I have two bites left and everyone else I’m eating with is only half way through. Then I have to try to dawdle along cutting each item into microscopic bits. I do eat large quantities of mostly healthy foods and walk every day. But did you know my 8900 steps today only burned off about 200 calories??? This is a travesty!

  7. OMG! Did I just type “creeped?!” It’s CREPT! I meant CREPT! I’m a card-carrying member of the grammar police! I should have my badge taken away! >:-o

  8. Loved this piece! I can relate. I’m not a “volume eater.” I’m a grazer – many small meals/snacks all day long. In fact, I don’t like feeling “full.” And yet, since about age 60, the lbs. have creeped up. And now I’m at the point where my clothes are uncomfortable. I don’t want to go up a size, so I’m thinking, for me, maybe a little less online browsing and a little more mall shopping. Burn some calories while shopping! Multitasking! What a concept!

    • I like your thoughts about increasing your steps, Camille. I can also relate to your grazing habits. What does that say about me that I am a grazer and a volume eater? I am one lucky broad that my BMI still qualifies as ‘normal.’ But I am finding that being over 60 is much harder to lose and much easier to gain. I find an alternative to going up a size in clothing involves looking for ‘spandex’ as a key component to all fabrics in my wardrobe. Thanks for stopping by and leaving comment(s). 🙂

    • Thanks Christina. Tonight I’m having apple pie with ice cream and I believe that will be a shortcut to the agony of crunching down an apple, then adjusting to the sweetness of the ice cream. And that sounds like success to me! Thanks for the comment.

  9. I’ve lost nine pounds since May after reading “The FASTDiet” by Dr. Michael Mosley. It’s not for everyone (see your doctor first) but it seems to work for me. I don’t do the 5:2 every week – I don’t do it when I’m not feeling well or if there are a lot of special occasions to attend in the same week. I’ve also committed to exercising regularly (3-5 days a week for 30-60 minutes each time). I have four more pounds to go before Thanksgiving. (Is setting a goal weight associated with the start of holiday feasting dangerous?)

    • Wow! I’m impressed. I’ll have to check out this diet, though I have to admit. The word “Fast” has me sweating. I do make it through the night (most of the time). But ‘fast’ is a four-letter word in my vocabulary. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment my sweet doppleganger. I think losing weight before the holidays is awesome and the perfect set up for a guilt free feasting season.

    • I am a big water drinker and always drink water with each meal. The mindful eating is something I definitely need to work on, Anna. That assumes of course that one has an intact mind. Which for me is questionable. LOL.

  10. I feel your (hunger) pain, Molly. On the flip side of taking three fewer bites, a nutritionist once told me to eat just three bites of dessert–someone ELSE’s dessert. But Hubs never appreciates when I use a serving spoon to help myself to his ice cream. And he says that I’M not a good sharer…

    • I have the same problem Roxanne! Patrick hates it when I reach across the table to claim my share of his dessert. What is it with these guys anyway??? Of course, if he tried to do the same with me he could be risking injury, but that is beside the point, isn’t it? We are definitely on the same wave length sister!

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