What it takes to be a June bride

Wedding season is escalating in case you hadn’t noticed. Did you know there is a hierarchy of brides, and the June bride stands at the top of the stairway of wedding bliss?

It takes an overachiever to assemble the moving parts that create a fairy tale wedding this early in the season. I don’t want to discourage any June bride wannabe’s but my daughter-in-law, whose marriage license boasts a June date, had her PhD before she was thirty.

Why is June the optimal month for weddings?

I did some research and here are a few theories:


  • It is the beginning of summer so weather is nice, but not too hot.
  • There is a wider array of reasonably priced flowers available


  • A summer pregnancy in an agricultural culture meant a woman could still help with fall harvest, and after a spring birth she’d be back in the field for next year’s crop.

Once a year bathing:

  • When the annual bath was the rule of the day, it was scheduled in May or June. Since the couple smelled their best, it was only logical they would choose this month for the wedding.

Favor from the gods:

  • Juno was the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, so many Romans chose this month for their weddings to ensure favor and prosperity.

Shallow husband and I were married in August. It was early in the month so we weren’t quite at the bottom of the wedding bell curve, but we were on the slippery slope of the decline.

We can pretend the couple works together to accomplish this marital feat of strength, but they don’t name it ‘Brides’ magazine by accident. Here is a short list of what the bride coordinates once her beloved slips a custom diamond on her French manicured ring finger.

wedding word cloud

The groom helps choose which of the four June weekends he will march down the aisle in his rented tux. He considers this carefully, and the decision revolves around one critical issue: timing of fiancé’s menstrual cycle. Luckily he has been keeping track of this on his phone app, because who wants to honeymoon with a pre-menstrual syndrome monster?

  • Nature fact: Stress can upset the most regular of menstrual cycles.
  • Social fact: Weddings are stressful.
  • Marriage fact: After surviving the stressful wedding, the honeymoon is going to suck.

But don’t worry, because it is going to be a spectacular wedding.

When was your wedding? Did you achieve the pinnacle of wedding success and get married in June? What other months do you think are great wedding months and why?



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18 thoughts on “What it takes to be a June bride

  1. My parents were married in June – on the 23rd to be precise. I’ve been married twice, both times I picked April – although my 2nd wedding was going to be in August but I changed my mind & stuck to April ? No real reason why!

    • My parents were married in April, Linda, so this month for marriage is special to me because of them. I don’t know many people who were married in April. Your parents are real go getters to make it down the aisle in June. That must have been tough to live up to. *wink wink*

  2. This was interesting to read, because in South Africa, we try and not get married in June / July as it is the coldest time of the year. But I always love reading about how it is an ideal time in other countries.

  3. June is Winter in Australia – so not such a great choice down under. I had a February wedding – hot as hell and the guys sweltered in their suits – but nobody fainted (my friend’s brother fainted at her wedding in February the year before ours – added a bit of excitement to say the least!)

    • Your February must be the equivalent of our June for weddings in Australia, Leanne. Glad no one fainted at your wedding! I am so jealous that you get the leap year day in February and another summer day. We get an extra day of freezing to death. I have written about this in a post. I think we should alternate so we get an extra June day every other leap year. Could you support that for those of us who become winter weary?

  4. Molly, What a great post.
    We are in the midst of planning now…but the wedding’s not until August–in Jamaica, during hurricane season, with Zika looming–but no stress there, right?
    I was married in the early 80’s. If you put my wedding photos next to all my friends’ I think we would all have been wearing just about the same dress, with the same cake, sent out the same invitation, and our men would have worn the same tux (well not literally.
    Today, the couple must put their personal ‘stamp’ on everything. I must say every wedding I go to these days has something unusual about it. I say ‘bravo.’ Our beauty lies in our diversity.
    Sharon White

    • You are right, Sharon. There is so much creativity in today’s weddings and it is wonderful to behold. I like the sound of the wedding you are planning, all except for the hurricane and Zika threats. Best wishes for a beautiful wedding! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Goodness – I didn’t even KNOW about the wedding timing issue – where have I been living?! I hesitate to even say this because of the impression it gives of me being a possible Jerry Springer guest ? but I have had three weddings. I was the inspiration behind the film but they decided to add one and call it FOUR Weddings and a Funeral (yes of COURSE I am kidding!)

    Anyhoo, I got married the first time in October (that was my first love – big white wedding etc) – oh dear what a mistake that was! Second one was in April – that produced two lovely sons so I can’t regret that one. The third one was in August (current and final husband 🙂 So I managed to totally miss June even having had three cracks at the whip – does that mean I am a low achiever? Oh well – I’m a kind person who likes puppies and small children so what the heck.

    Very interesting article – I am going to start asking people when they got married! Can’t think of a single one in my family! What does that say about us?

    • I think you are a very high achiever, Gilly to survive three weddings! I have had two of them, first one was in September and 2nd and final one was in August. You cracked me up with your phrase ‘totally missed June even having had three cracks at the whip.’ And I LOVE the movie 4 weddings and a funeral. I wonder if that was set in the month of June? Always nice to have you stop by and comment. 🙂

  6. My husband chose our wedding date in September to coincide with a local music festival. This provided free entertainment for out of town guests on Saturday. Our wedding was on Sunday afternoon. There was no competition from the much-desired Saturday wedding people, and he was able to cut a great bargain for the food at our reception. Our honeymoon plane tickets were cheaper on a Monday. We arrived to our destination on the first day of low season. No crowds, plenty of bargains, weather was still fantastic – there was nothing that we wanted to do that we couldn’t.

  7. Funny how the June tradition persists despite indoor plumbing and other marvels of present-day hygiene! I always love to read your take on things, Molly!

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