Steve moves to Florida

My brother-in-law Jim said if he had a son he would name him Steve Steven Stevens, and luckily he had two girls. But he didn’t let the name go to waste as this is what he named his ‘pet’ parrot.  He accepted a new job in Florida, so two brothers and I drove from Maine to NH to help him and Steve pack up for the big move to the sunshine state.

We used a mature ‘global positioning structure’ to guide us.


New Hampshire is about right HERE

I was bored in the back seat so I started to tweet about my travel experience.

I said I was going to be okay until we came to the next rest stop, but then this happened.

Traffic started moving so I could respond appropriately to nature’s call shriek.  Then a much larger crisis cropped up.

I finally stopped crying and decided to make the best of it, inquiring about our location.

Steve was on top of the world when we arrived because he was worried he’d have to do all the packing.
steve on globe

Steve was relieved. Oops!

We went to get Jim’s canoe at a friend’s farm and I made this observation.

Steve got pretty tired right before lunch.

You guys are killing me!

That’s when we knew it was time to stop and eat some pizza.

Steve LOVES pepperoni

He oversaw the packing process offering some great suggestions along the way.
Steve megaphone

You can pack that where the sun don’t shine!

We tried to get everything neatly packed in the truck but as the day wore on we got a little more reckless.


I think this fan will fit right HERE!

Steve was sad to leave and had some wistful moments on the deck overlooking the back yard.
Steve deck

In his heart Steve knew his affair with Robin wouldn’t work out

He perked up a little when we told him we’d take him to his favorite watering hole for dinner.
Steve at Margarita's


Ready to get a hotel room, we were shocked that rooms were scarce.  The few rooms available were over $500 since it was DARTMOUTH’s price-gouging graduation weekend.  We decided to go back to the empty apartment to sleep.  This is our room ala carte:
KMart shopping

For $200 we got everything we needed for a good night’s sleep

We said goodbye in the morning as Steve, Jim, one brother, and a friend headed to Florida, and we headed back to Maine.

All packed up with a place to go

Steve was perched and ready to navigate.

steve navigating

Florida is about right HERE.

One final setting of the space age thermometer.

Hal says goodbye

I decided to spend a little time outside since NH was so outdoorsy.   It didn’t go well and confirmed my status as an indoor person.

Stopped for a last breakfast together and I had a shocking revelation.

Headed back to Maine because…..

Best of luck to Jim and Steve on their new adventure in Florida.  It’s hot down there right now, but no worries.  It’s a moist heat.  We can’t wait to visit, and we know there’s an abundance of K-Mart air mattresses ready to offer us a soft place to crash.

Have you helped someone you love move away?  What was your experience?

©2015, Stevens. All rights reserved.

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6 thoughts on “Steve moves to Florida

  1. Reminds me of our kids class project to bring along Flat Stanley and take photos in various scenes along the trip 🙂

    • What a great idea, Rusty. I bet it helped them use their creativity while they traveled and also helped them see things through Flat Stanley’s ‘eyes.’ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. LOL! Ohh I want to meet Steve Steven Stevens the parrot! He seemed to enjoy the trip more than anyone. You should bring him in to see patients – he’d be a real hit. As for NH, I got a speeding ticket there. They get you anywhere they can. Pffft. Jerks

  3. Helped you move away once following your long college career. Till that point kept wondering, “how can I miss you if you never go away? “

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