Reflections on motherhood

Motherhood. Erma Bombeck called it the world’s second oldest profession.  It’s on everyone’s mind in May thanks to Hallmark and retail establishments. And today I am celebrating the 33rd anniversary of my entry into the ‘hood.

Guess you know what this means. It’s my son’s birthday and HE is getting old!

I have some shallow reflections about this survival adventure, when he arrived naked and I was afraid.

He was an adorable baby but didn’t come with a user manual and cried for no reason.

James glasses crying frame


He loved dirt and sometimes he ate it. But he didn’t get sick (much). There was that beef stroganoff incident we no longer speak of.  We no longer eat beef stroganoff either.

James eating dirt frame


I bought him wondrous, educational toys but he preferred common household items

James cans pots frame


I thought he might gravitate to music and the arts, but he was more the cowboy type.

James piano cowboy frame


He loved to read and one time he dressed up as his favorite book’s character.

Big Friendly Giant frame


I let him pick out his own clothes.

James pre-k frame


He watched Bugs Bunny cartoons and didn’t turn out violent.

ACME frame


He made his first brownies when he was 9 years old on a Saturday morning while I slept in, qualifying him for son of the year. To this day his cooking skills, and love of good food are legendary.

James cook frame


I didn’t care what color his hair was as long as he wasn’t going for tattoos and piercings. He forgave me for botching up the home dye job, after I took him to a professional for a redo.

James blond frame


He had some killer Halloween costumes.

James dracula frame


I will never be convinced the runner was safe, but I still love this photograph.

James baseball frame


It was hard to let him go.

James 1st day school frame


I tried not to hover but was always there in the background.

James engagement frame


The braces paid off because he turned out handsome, and he married a beautiful woman, and when you are shallow, looks are everything.

James wedding frame


He always made me laugh. When I broke my foot two weeks before my beloved sister Linda died of cancer, he sent me this video. It really helped pull me up by my orthopedic bootstraps, and it still makes me laugh.


And now he is a wonderful father to TWO little boys we like to call ‘pride’ and ‘joy.’

James boys 2016 frame


Humor helps get him through his daily grind as a stay at home dad. I have hope for him as a future parent Twitter comedian.


My role as a mother has changed through the years as my son has grown into adulthood. But one thing will never change: the stretch marks. Oh yeah, and my undying love for him. As a matter of fact I will love him forever, but not in that creepy “I’ll Love You Forever” book way.

What parenting survival memories can you share?

*Author’s note: This was originally published in 2015, but I updated it for 2016.

©2016, Stevens. All rights reserved.

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8 thoughts on “Reflections on motherhood

  1. Molly, I find nothing shallow in your reflections. You have a gift. BTW – you are right that base runner was out by a mile! Happy Birthday, James!

  2. This is a DELIGHTFUL mother’s day blog! Mum and I both enjoyed it.
    Such great pics, such witty comments. I really love the way you see the world… and live in it, Molly. I think James/Cameron’s get well video is THE BEST. James takes after YOU. xo

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