Ready made new years resolution

I have been remiss in making New Years Resolutions this year. I’ve been busy and it’s painful for shallow people to commit to contemplation. I’ve seen all the lofty goals that other people have been abuzz about: give up a bad habit, eat more vegetables, set a world record, have a makeover, learn Portuguese, unleash your inner angel, etc., etc. I’m usually inspired by discussion of all these new beginnings, but this year I’ve had trouble getting on board.

I’ve felt out of sorts, uncomfortable and bloated. My sluggishness has begun to affect my daily life and I’ve become concerned about what could be wrong. Do I feel this way because I haven’t set any goals for 2015? Or is there something more serious going on?

I happened to turn on the TV just in time to get my answer (there are no coincidences, right?). Turns out my microflora is out of balance! Why didn’t I think of that?

What a relief that help is on the way. According to the Activia commercial these delicious, creamy yogurts and smoothies promise to taste good and help you feel good inside, restoring the natural bacteria in your intestines that may have gotten out of whack in this wacky world we live in.

Now I have a ready-made 2015 Resolution. No more floundering for me. The Activia Challenge!

What’s not to like? Who is going to join me on this probiotic journey into renewed vigor and purpose?

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6 thoughts on “Ready made new years resolution

  1. We speak microflora in Oregon and the fruits, nuts and flakes living out here feel pretty frisky most of the time! Our guts apparently talk to our brain and immune system in ways heretofore never realized. Buy yourself a yogurt maker for $50 and save yourself the expense of Activia—-easy-peasy. I brew kombucha weekly which costs almost nothing, and I ferment vegetables in one of those old earthenware crocks our grandmothers had—it’s our extra vegetable at most dinners. So go boldly forward and don’t look back—you won’t regret it!

  2. I should have told you this one. It’s worked for me for years. I feel better merely watching one of their commercials. Brother

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