No remorse this Thanksgiving – a poem

The calendar marks Thanksgiving
as a time to gather round,
and plan a meal with loved ones
that packs on several pounds.

The turkey sacrificed his life
to be the central theme.
The pie is cooling on the ledge,
while mama whips the cream.

A toast to yet another year
of blessings that abound,
Including lump-free gravy
and turnip that’s renowned.

Pass the onions, pass the peas,
Is there any more potato?
Stuffing, cranberries, pickles, and rolls.
Chew! Chomp! Nosh with gusto!

You can regret it later
when you find your clothes outgrown.
Tomorrow start your diet,
when you don a doggy cone.

Happy Thanksgiving!


©2017, Stevens. All rights reserved.

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42 thoughts on “No remorse this Thanksgiving – a poem

  1. Hello Molly
    I Loved both your articles on reasons to live full time in Maine and your Thanksgiving poem. Now my Husband and friends are addicted to your stories. They read them each month and we enjoying talking and laughing about them………hope you have lots more time to write.
    Do you ever get writers Block for ideas??
    We have four seasons in Far Nothern Ca but the worse one is summer due to the extreme heat and NO rain. Otherwise it’s a perfect place to live. Come see us.
    Jane 💕

    • It makes me so happy to know that your husband and friends enjoy my essays. I haven’t run into any writer’s block yet. I usually have a lot of rough drafts in the pipeline and ideas running around in my brain. I write them down in a notebook so I won’t forget them. Haha! I think I would love Northern California. I will put a visit to see you on my bucket list. Just keep in mind it’s rusty. My bucket that is. Love your comments. XOXO

  2. Hahahahahahaha! Looooove this poem, Molly! That dog cone would go well with handcuffs! I managed to get 10,000+ steps in both Thursday and Friday, so I’m feeling cone free 😊 Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!

    • I agree about the handcuffs, Terri. We went for a walk Thanksgiving morning, too, and the temps were in the 20’s. I believe the steps counted double when factoring in the shivering we did! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Golly, Molly!! Didn’t know you were also a poet! So proud of my baby sister!!🤓🤓. I’ll try to remember your rhymning wisdom when I sit down at the Thanksgiving table groaning with everything from soup to nuts. Would probably be best if I donned the “doggy cone” before the meal rather than after tho. 😂😂.

    • The jury is still out on whether I am an actual poet, sis. Now don’t worry about anything tomorrow. It’s the next day you’ll need the doggy cone. I’m not sure it will keep me out of the trough, but I’ll give it try. Hahaha!

  4. You’re such a hoot! This is a yummy Thanksgiving appetizer and I shall read it aloud at our family table on Thursday before we say what we’re grateful for. The photo is delicious too, so hope you don’t mind, I’ve printed it out to also go on our table. “Please pass the salt, butter, potatoes, Diet Coke with aspartame — and please also pass Molly in the Cone of Shame!”

    Thankful to know such a humorous writer!

  5. Butternut squash seed oil? Sounds absolutely wonderful! This poem is a brilliant salute to Thanksgiving and the inevitable weight gain. I shall be rummaging through our storage room for Poppy’s cone of shame as I think you’ve hit on the perfect solution. Here’s to lump-free gravy! Whenever I read that, I can’t help but think of the wonderful line in Bridget Jones “Oh just stir it, Una!”
    The happiest of Thanksgivings to you, Molly!

    • Butternut squash seed oil is wonderful, Kelly. I do believe the cone of shame will keep my head out of the trough to prevent me from needing to buy all new clothes. Love the Bridget Jones line – I must watch that movie again!

  6. Very funny and well written, Molly. Where’s the picture of Patrick in a dog cone? Happy Thanksgiving from Perham!

  7. I starting laughing the moment I saw the image. Ha ha ha. Yes, looks about right for our family too. Great poem, Molly. What a hoot. And thanks for the turnip recipe… I think I can handle it (cooking is not my thing). 🙂 We celebrate at my daughter’s, so I only have one dish to worry about. Fingers crossed.
    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the laugh, my friend.

    • I put the photo together after I wrote the poem when I remembered the picture of me in my Miss Piggy Halloween costume from a couple of years ago. Good luck on your ‘one dish.’ If you mess it up, you might not have to do one next year. Just an idea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! XOXO

  8. We don’t do Thanksgiving in the UK, all diets therefore start on New Years Day. Feel sorry for you having to start on one twice in quick succession, although you’ve at least practised it once before New Year I suppose.

  9. Didn’t know you were also a poet (even though your feet show it: they’re Longfellows. Remember that old joke from grade school?) loved it! Have a great Thanksgiving with family and friends.

    • Yes, they are renowned because of their simplicity, Bernadette. I cut them into small chunks, boil them, mash and add salt, pepper, and real butter. Yum! The other way I cook them is by roasting them with other fall vegetables, like potatoes and carrots, and winter squash. That’s when I use either butternut squash seed oil or olive oil. So delicious! Happy Thanksgiving.

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