Open the door to summertime!

Wishing all my readers an official ‘happy first week of summer.’  And I wanted to give you a few laughs too, of course.

LL Bean boots meme

digital scales

summer worship music


Hope you have a BBQ and plenty of rums in your future. I’ll be back next week with a full blog post. In the meantime, don’t forget your sunscreen.

Open the door to summertime!


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Photo credit for featured image: Pixabay
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6 thoughts on “Open the door to summertime!

    • I love summer, but I also love autumn and winter. Spring is nice but in Maine it has a hearty mixture of winter swirled in to make it a bit miserable and tiresome. I would miss the four seasons if I lived in a climate of perpetual summer, though.

  1. It is winter where I live but living in a tropical climate it isn’t too bad. Enjoy your summer and BBQ’s I can smell the steaks cooking now. There is nothing like a lazy summer day.

    • Yes, I agree and I can’t remember the last time I had a lazy summer day. I am hoping I’ll find one on our upcoming 3 day holiday weekend. Glad you have a lovely winter, too in your hemisphere, Sue.

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