Are you afraid to dream small?

Bucket lists are fashionable, with people grasping to fulfill lifelong dreams. I don’t know about you, but some of these lists that look like a ‘to do’ list for overachievers intimidate me. And comparing my aspirations with these dynamos makes me feel pathetic.

Not one to tarry in shame and humiliation, I have risen from the ashes of self-pity to ask this question:

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Do you belong to this tribe? Take this quiz to find out:

  1. Does staying in a B&B include your own bed and a bowl of Lucky Charms?
  2. Is a spontaneous road trip dashing to Hannaford for a six-pack?
  3. Does touring the islands mean a paddle boat ride around rock formations in a pond?
  4. Is getting that suspicious mole removed your version of plastic surgery?
  5. Is your idea of a motor home a 2004 Subaru with reclining seats?
  6. Is room service when your husband brings you coffee in bed?
  7. Is international travel crossing the border from Maine into New Brunswick?
  8. Is your home security system a pit bull, and a loaded Remington under your pillow?
  9. Is an adventurous hike a trek across a Walmart parking lot?
  10. Does regular investing involve buying a lottery ticket every Friday night?
  11. Do you put ‘new car battery’ on your Christmas list?
  12. Does dining out involve driving through?
  13. Do you rack up frequent flier miles watching planes take off and land at the airport?

Scoring the quiz:

  1. Total the number of times you answered ‘yes.’
  2. If that number is zero, than add one.
  3. If your score is one or greater, you qualify as a card-carrying member of the Rusty Bucket Brigade.

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Now that you belong to this exclusive club, there is no limit to the limited dreams you can muster.

I have a few examples to thwart the inflated ambitions of the most fervent adrenaline junky.

  • Shopping splurge at Family Dollar
  • Scoring a prescription for medical marijuana
  • Buying a car still under warranty
  • Landing a membership at a miniature golf course
  • Paying with cash to have your septic pumped
  • Bathing a cat without a trip to the emergency room
  • Attending a pig roast
  • Meeting the president of the PTA
  • Singing a Karaoke duet while sober
  • Bicycling across the town square
  • Driving an alternate route to work
  • Starting a box wine club
  • Getting a spray tan
  • Sampling deep-fried butter

I trust this list will be a springboard to brainstorm other small-scale adventures. Aren’t you relieved that the pressure to hold a tarantula, climb a volcano, or bungee jump from the Golden Gate Bridge has vanished? Are you ready to commit to an asylum of below average yearnings by composing your rusty bucket list?

I’m sure you’ll agree it is time to declare with pride, “I am rusty, hear me squeak.”

Are you afraid to dream small?


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23 thoughts on “Are you afraid to dream small?

  1. I love this so much! What a sense of accomplishment we’d all have with little things rather than the huge ones that make us feel bad — writing the best-selling novel, losing 20 pounds, etc. I think its a much better way to go through life, having a more manageable bucket list. Genius!

  2. This is my life (and bucket list) in a nutshell – I used my tax refund to have our driveway re-paved (old bricks pulled up and replaced after the ground was re-compacted) my life is one exciting moment after another 🙂

    • You are an inspiration for people like me with low aspirations, Leanne! I wouldn’t have thought of putting driveway paving on my rusty bucket list. Way out of reach. I love it!

  3. OMG!! Where do you get it all? All those years ago when you were still clinging to Mom’s apron strings, were you silently storing away tidbits for later use? High on my bucket list is retrieving the newspaper from the mailbox in winter without falling on the way out AND on the way back. (Don’t laugh. I did that one day! And in the same spot! Obviously I learned nothing on the way out!) Another top item: shopping at Walmart without having an “accident” on the way to the ladies restroom! Another whole category you neglected to mention! Best of a!l: eating my lunch without dropping food all over my chest! And the list goes on……!

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