Heartbreak of Dermatitis Part 2


I was doing so well, really I was.  And then I had a relapse.  All because I didn’t have the willpower to refrain from wearing makeup.  This is a rare example of how my shallowness can be an actual disadvantage.

I blame the topical steroid manufacturing industry. If only they tinted these products, I wouldn’t be in this crisis.  Light beige would go a long way toward improving my compliance, and I could be on the continued road to recovery at this very moment.

Instead I have dark circles AND crusty red patches under my eyes and on my face.  For an added bonus the prescription ointment clogged my pores, and I had a full-blown pimple blossom out on my right cheek!

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to shop for acne products at my age?  I quietly moved through Walgreens wearing a scarf draped over my face like a burka.  At the checkout I muttered something about grandchildren. That perky cashier doesn’t need to know my grandchildren are preschoolers and toddlers, years away from complexion concerns.

I did notice that the Clearasil people have a leg up on treating disfiguring skin conditions, as it is tinted for maximum cover up.  The steroid producers need to take heed of this brilliance. They should not assume that self-consciousness marches out the door with maturity!

I hope people reading this who have serious chronic medical conditions find comfort in the fact that shallow, healthy people struggle too.  Putting yourself in my place will be a nice escape for you as you consider my trivial complaints.  You can feel satisfaction knowing that if I was capable of self-examination, I would put things into perspective and be grateful for small problems.

But I digress and need to get back to the more important issue at hand, like how to best hide this hideous rash.  I’m grateful it is partly sunny today making sunglasses a must.  With my winter hat pulled down, I will likely only expose my chin which is looking spectacular!

How do you find ways of putting your best chin forward in the midst of a skin-deep condition?  

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