Feline Fan Base Grows


I’ve been so pumped about my new blog and have been very grateful for all the positive comments and encouragement.  Of course it has been a huge bonus  that I set it up so all the negative feedback would go to the people who encouraged me to start this in the first place.  Thanks for sheltering me team!  They understand that shallow people are very sensitive.

I enjoyed a relaxing four-day weekend over New Year’s and after a restless night of dreadful sleep on Sunday night, went back to work on Monday.  I love my work, don’t get me wrong.  It was just a bit tough getting back into the routine, and I was tired, and it was insanely busy.  I resorted to cursing about 3 hours earlier than usual and I’m not proud of that.

It was then that self doubts started to roll in.  What am I thinking about to start a blog at my age and with my busy schedule.  Can I really sustain it?  What if my funny bone becomes arthritic and needs to be…..replaced.  Titanium.  There is nothing funny about that.

Then along came Krueger.  My first feline blog fan.  I believe he represents all of the readers of this blog – intelligent, curious and obviously devoted. His detached interest in my writing was just what the nurse ordered to buoy my spirits.  Thanks for making my Day and also a shout out to Elizabeth, his personal photographer and supplier of Fancy Feast.

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5 thoughts on “Feline Fan Base Grows

  1. My dog Petey just told me to tell you that he is more of a fan than krueger the kitty.(Please don’t tell Kreuger )

  2. I love it!! Just proves how intelligent cats really are. Unlike me – who can’t even figure out how to post a comment!

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