Exercise! It’s not as hard as you think

It is January, and that can only mean one thing. Overcrowded gyms filled with people executing New Year’s Resolutions, sweating through short-lived exercise programs.

We all know exercise is important to our health, but it is difficult to sustain consistency.

In the midst of all this pressure, there is now a health warning that ‘sitting is the new smoking.’ This is bad news for exhausted people with desk jobs who drive everywhere, and vegetate in a recliner every night before falling into bed. For some of these sedentary slugs, the only movement in their lives happens in the bathroom after their morning coffee.

But what if this ‘bad news’ presents new and improved possibilities for people who need more exercise? After all, if merely standing represents increased activity, think of all the other possibilities.

I’ve come up with a preliminary list of ‘new’ exercises:

  • Treading water is the new swimming
  • Going up and down stairs is the new hiking
  • Getting in and out of a chair is the new calisthenics
  • Stretching before getting out of bed in the morning is the new yoga
  • Crossing legs is the new kick boxing
  • Wriggling in and out of a wet bathing suit is the new water aerobics
  • Bending arm to sip wine is the new biceps curl
  • Staying in bed is the new resistance training
  • Tapping foot is the new dancing
  • Kegel exercise is the new core strengthening
  • Coughing is the new deep breathing
  • Shivering is the new aerobics
  • Scraping ice off windshield is the new endurance training
  • Shoveling heavy snow is the new power lifting
  • Falling on the ice is the new gymnastics
  • Walking with crutches is the new cardio

Who needs a gym membership or a personal trainer when you can integrate these exercise into your everyday life?

Okay readers, what about your “new” workout ideas? Can you add to my list? Ready, set, go!


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8 thoughts on “Exercise! It’s not as hard as you think

  1. Two comments: 1) Sitting may be the new smoking but if you like sitting, chances are you can do it considerably longer than if you choose smoking, and 2) the kick boxing example is also the new birth control.

  2. Molly, I think we get TWO workouts for the price of one with water aerobics since getting a damp body back into outdoor clothes is nearly as strenuous as the pool time.
    Loving your columns!
    PS I think there may be another exercise unique to people who live in cold icy climates…falling down and then actually getting up… and staying up. Life is exercise.

    • Yes! I love the idea that struggling back into clothes after a wet paddle around the pool is part of the workout. And there is a whole world of extra exercise for us cold climate folks. Thanks for the super additions to the ‘new’ workout list! And thanks for reading.

  3. Bending arm to sip the wine is the new biceps curl. (Just remember to rotate arms to prevent having one skinny arm).

    • I like your idea Michele. Seems like you would need to have glass fairly full for maximum effort. Also great idea to rotate arms. Way to think long term!

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