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My first book Boomer on the Ledge™ is available now on Amazon

From the publisher, Donna Cavanagh:

Humoroutcasts Press and Shorehouse Books (HOPress label) is so excited and proud to bring readers everywhere our newest author Molly Stevens and her first book Boomer on the Ledge™. This pictorial book is available in paperback and eBook format and we are sure that it will not only make you laugh but if you are a Boomer or know a Boomer, it will take the grim out of going gray.

You can also purchase a custom-made BOTL doll with the book on, which by the way, looks an awful lot like Molly.

Here are links to Donna’s posts about Boomer on the Ledge:

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Molly did her first podcast with Jeanie Brosius King at B-NOW (Beautiful Network of Women) on 10/17/17, date of the official book launch.

Contest winner

Molly Stevens is thrilled to be a winner in the 2017 National Society of Newspaper Columnists Writing Contest, placing third in category F – general interest – online, blog with under 100,000 monthly unique visitors.

This is what the judges said about her entries and her writing:

“Molly Stevens writes about how she described the death of her beloved dog and what her readers wrote back, comforting and advising. (Columnists knew all about the value of call and response with readers long before the internet made it de rigueur). Stevens also writes about picking potatoes as a girl –  serious picking because it’s a source of family income –  and all the powerful memories that linger. But she acknowledges only a masochist would wish herself back into those fields except perhaps that some of those memories she can’t quite do without, for instance, the fact “this was the time of year when Dad was the happiest.” She also writes about the time her Dad “ruined” Christmas Day – my word, not hers – because he couldn’t sit idle when a neighbor’s house had burned on Christmas Eve, and the family needed help. Now she understands. Writing isn’t always a battle between showing and telling. Some writers manage to do both quite beautifully.”

Here are links to her winning entries:

We shared Zoe’s story and this is what happened next

Rise and shine, it’s potato pickin’ time

The year Dad taught me the deeper meaning of Christmas

Published author

Molly is proud to be among the contributors to the anthology, These Summer Months: Stories from the Late Orphan Project, edited by Anne Born. She wrote about how she has adjusted to the loss of her beloved mother in her essay entitled, “Dear Mom.” The book was a finalist in the 2017 International Book Awards.

Here’s the description of the book from

“Writers from Japan, Mexico, Canada, and many locations in the United States share their very personal experiences after the death of their parents. The second volume of stories from The Late Orphan Project, These Summer Months will shock you, speak to your relationship with your parents, and remind you how, even though we come from so many different places when our parents die, we are all just children, experiencing a long season of personal grief. This book guarantees you will reconsider your relationship with your parents. Contributing authors: Lorraine Berry Karen Blue Clive Collins Greg Correll Don Fleming Mary Kay Fleming Claire Fitzpatrick Lee Gaitan Liz Gauthier Christine Geery Sue Glasco Kathy Koches Lea Lane Brianna Meinke Susan Mihalic Erin O’Meara Scottt Raven Bonafide Rojas Brian T. Silak Rob Smith Suzanne Smith Molly Stevens T.K. Thorne Margaret Van Every Eileen Wiard Aida Zilelian”


Molly’s blog, Shallow Reflections, was nominated for the 2017  Annual Bloggers Bash Awards in the “Hidden Gem” category. The Bloggers Bash is organized by several bloggers in the UK and brings together the blogging community so everyone can meet and learn from each other. While Shallow Reflections did not win, the nomination was an honor. 

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