A new identity – #flash fiction

He can’t explain why his mother chose his name. She said it was because he had a tuft of blond hair on the top of his head when he was born – like a dandelion. Was she suffering from postpartum depression when she inked the name, ‘Weed’ on his birth certificate?

He didn’t realize his name was odd until he ventured beyond Mother’s apron strings. That’s when the teasing began and taunting became a daily torture.

One day he looked in the mirror, tamed his blond plumage, and said, “You’re fired, Weed.” And he changed his name to Dan.

via Carrot Ranch Literary Community February 8: Flash Fiction Challenge

February 8, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes fireweed. You can use it as the plant, a flower, a metaphor or as the name of someone or something. Go where the prompt leads. Burn bright when you write.

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30 thoughts on “A new identity – #flash fiction

    • Thank you, Sheri. Only in some of my humor pieces when I exaggerate or make things up. Like, I didn’t actually interview a turnip in the piece I did about turnip taking over the pumpkin spice market. 😉 I was put off by the term ‘fiction’ but Charli told me to think of it as ‘flash creative writing’ and now I’m all over it. And having fun!

  1. Very good! That wasn’t an easy prompt (in my opinion) but your story had everything a story should have. Loved it. Apologies for not been not here much but you know, life!

    • You are always welcome here, Gilly, and I’m so glad you have a life that keeps you away from living online. Thank you for the kind comment. This is a find new venture I’m trying out. I tried to leave a comment on your last post but I’m not sure if it ‘stuck’ or not. I loved your post about the choral group and went on Amazon and listened to your single. I have sung in choruses for a few years and LOVE the experience. I’m so glad you are found such a positive and active group!

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