9 Creative ways to pry the lid from a rotisserie chicken

In the cooler months of the year, I’m bubbling with motivation to cook delicious soups, stews, and casseroles. But it’s summer and I have officially entered my “I hate to cook phase.’ I’ve got a no fuss recipe for ‘No Curse Dessert’ but what about a main dish?

My solution: rotisserie chicken.

roast chicken shop

Photo courtesy Depositphotos_Copyright: adrenaline

There is one problem, however. How do I pry the lid off this cagey little beast? I don’t want to hurt myself or damage any teeth, so I have to get creative.

Normally my well-equipped husband would be horrified to have me messing around with his collection of Craftsman’s, but hunger does strange things to people. Thus he encouraged me to think outside the impenetrable plastic container to play a sport I’ve named: rotisserie chicken hunger games.

Let the games begin!

1.  Drop from a high altitude onto a cement floor.
2.  Use a vise to break the seal.
3.  Pound the poultry out of this plastic wonder with an old-fashioned hammer.

chicken collage #1

4.  This should do it, but I guess it’s not the sharpest ax in the toolbox.
5.  A crowbar proves unreliable, but it could be my technique.

Chicken collage #2 edited

6. Power tools can’t fail, I’ll start with a drill.
7. Can I slice this package like a hot chainsaw through a butterball?

chicken collage #3

8. What about a car ride? I could use some air conditioning after all this effort.


9.  I hate to say I succumbed to ‘wrap rage’ but this proved a sure-fire way to get results.

chicken gun_Bang
Drumsticks, anyone? What is your favorite easy summer meal?



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14 thoughts on “9 Creative ways to pry the lid from a rotisserie chicken

  1. This is golden info! The funny thing is if you substituted a Publix cake for the chicken, this would so be me! It’s like, yes, we want you to BUY this, but not to actually EAT it. Plus, there is no way to sneak a piece of cake when the dynamite blast to open the stupid placsic container registers on the Richter scale. Thanks again for some new ideas!

    • One of my pet peeves is how difficult it is to get into every container. Does anyone even remember the tylenol poisonings that occurred decades ago? And did they really happen or was it an urban legend? In the meantime, we are left having to break into our food like desperate criminals, Lee. Glad my ideas will be of use to you when you need a fix of cake!

  2. This is hilarious and true! I may have to use similar tactics to open a CD case or one of those sealed plastic items that even scissors can’t cut!

  3. This cracked me up…especially when I read #1 and pictured YOU dropping from a high altitude onto a cement floor (a la a superhero making an entrance)! Then I realized you meant dropping the chicken package…and it was still funny! Power tools and food always make an entertaining combo. Bon appetit!

    • Haha! That’s why I wore a helmet, Roxanne, in case I slipped off the ladder and made a splat on the floor I wanted to at least preserve my brain. I do need to keep an interesting arsenal of tools available so I can break into packaged foods – especially in the summer. 🙂

  4. That’s hilarious – I know not of the rotisserie chicken of which you speak but I get that you must be talking about the frustration of open-proof packaging! I have no answers but you seem to have some very creative ideas of your own :-). I generally swear ALOT and spend ages trying to do it with my bare hands rather than get up and look for scissors, a knife or some dynamite.

    • It is a challenge I face every day, Gilly. How to get into a package meant to be detonated in order to crack it open. The real travesty in this scenario with the chicken is that the actual rotisserie chicken is not that good when you finally reach the ‘prize.’ My summer nutrition is totally on the skids!

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