68 Hours in Pittsburgh

Patrick and I went to Pittsburgh and not just because it is home to “The World’s Favorite Ketchup,” although that was a nice bonus.

We attended the lovely wedding of these two radiant brides.


Photo by Beth Kukucka

We had a smooth flight to Pittsburgh and I wrote a few tweets about our experience.

We had a splendid time visiting with cherished friends, meeting new ones, and eating like kings and queens.  The food at the reception was divine, topping things off with ELEVEN wedding cakes.  Our table worked as a team so we could try a bite of each cake.  Okay, I might have had more than one bite of two a few of the cakes…..


I’m smiling but my dress is too tight after eating slabs of cake. Photo by Beth Kukucka

After the revelry ended we spent some time exploring Pittsburgh.  Here are some highlights:

Allegheny Cemetery:


Mammoth Egyptian style tomb

We looked inside and discovered the truth about one of life’s most baffling questions.

tomb with cake

There IS cake after death….


We ate breakfast at Pamela’s which is famous because we ate there….oh yeah and so did Obama (copycat).  I wanted to get a photo of breakfast untouched, but I didn’t have the discipline to wait 5 seconds while I unlocked my phone and pressed a button.  In my defense, I was experiencing a pretty intense case of cake withdrawal.


Crispy on the outer edges, fresh strawberries and brown sugar on the inside, whipped cream on top = carb euphoria


There we are right beside Obama.

Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History:

Patrick T-Rex

T-Rex LOVES cake!

Cathedral of learning:


We actually observed people inside the building learning stuff

We attended the local Pittsburgh United Methodist Church.


Nice picture of the church and my finger – the only slim thing about me after eating all the cake.

We enjoyed some palatial architecture on our walks up and down steep hills.   This seemed like a cakewalk, since we were fueled by such high quality cake calories.


This building would be a good prototype for Harry Potter’s birthday cake

Then we took an early flight home and my tweeting compulsion kicked back in.

I got a little tired and cranky from eating too many carbs.

We had a stop in Philadelphia.

Finally succumbed to carb coma.

Cake dreamers

Can’t prove it, but I think we were dreaming about cake.

What is the last city you visited, and what was your favorite pastry?

18 thoughts on “68 Hours in Pittsburgh

  1. See, we were destined to be friends–as I am from Pittsburgh (well, grew up near there) and I actually DID learn many things–and sweated up quite a few blue books–in the Cathedral of Learning! next time, let’s go together–and see if your friends can arrange an anniversary party while we’re there with 12 cakes!

    • I would love that, Lee. It is a lovely city and we had a good time exploring. And eating. And eating some more. I was a little afraid I was going to trip and roll down one of those steep hills while we were walking around. This was the wedding of my golden friend’s daughter and I do think a cake filled anniversary party is in order!

  2. Oh Molly, what a wonderful tribute to a wonderful weekend and a wonderful city! So happy you and Patrick were there.

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