6 Humungous reasons to winter in Maine

It’s inevitable when you live in Maine. Come January and February people start grumbling about winter (the black sheep of the season family), and some of your favorite people trek on down to sunny Florida.

I see their Facebook status popping up like postcards from heaven. Bronze faces enjoying poolside pleasures, long walks on the beach and endless buffets. But there is a downside to this bohemian lifestyle, and I felt it was time I spoke up about why we should stay home.

Doesn’t this look cozier than a beach? Photo by Shallow Reflections

  1. Embrace your indoor self: Winter can give you the courage to come “into the closet” and declare yourself an indoor person. What a relief to stop beating yourself up for trying to be something you are not. No more flimsy excuses for lack of outdoor recreation, e.g. I can’t find my skis, or I’m trying to decide which snowmobile to buy. How can you be your authentic self in the midst of a perpetual summer?
  2. Snow days: There is an air of celebration when “historic snowfall” is in the forecast. Neighbors gather at the grocery store stocking up on essentials like boxed wine and Oreos. Can a beach day be as much fun as a candlelight indoor picnic, or a day at home with rambunctious school aged children?
  3. You can eat more: Scraping windshields, shoveling, pulling on coats and boots, shivering. These are all calorie burners. You can increase your caloric intake all winter without gaining all that many pounds. And you can hide your modest weight gain under layers thanks to LL Bean, grateful that your revealing bathing suit is securely packed away.
  4. Cleaning is easier: There are months of darkness when dust is completely invisible. And with all the dirt frozen and covered with snow, how much dust can really get stirred up anyway? I hope the winter migrants can afford a cleaning service in that sun drenched dust bowl.
  5. Creature reprieve: Winter provides a truce from battling creepy, crawly, flying creatures. Someone is always looking on the bright side of a below zero day by declaring, “At least there aren’t any black flies!” As far as I know, alligators, scorpions, and barracudas do not hibernate during Florida winters, and can strike at any time.  Oh my!
  6. Men keep their shirts on: This is the ultimate reason to enjoy winter in Maine. I’m no prude, and I can appreciate a muscled chest and washboard abs, but that’s not what I see on the first forty-degree day in March. Spring has inevitably arrived when I see a spider in the bathtub, and a shirtless man who desperately needs a manssiere. I can only imagine the psychological damage that occurs by being ‘exposed’ to this visual year round.

Let’s start a grass-roots effort to make Maine a winter destination for Florida residents. I’m sure if they fully understood the benefits we could make ‘Sunbirds’ a household word.

What are some other reasons to winter in a cold, northern climate?

Six Humungous Reasons to Winter in Maine


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16 thoughts on “6 Humungous reasons to winter in Maine

  1. You know, you make some excellent points. The snow day we had from work a couple of weeks ago was thoroughly enjoyable for me. Not only did I lay around guilt-free, I actually tried “The Honest Guys” Betsy talks so much about. I know it’s something one could do daily to relax.. but, I’m in too much of a hurry..
    I’m telling you – I’m headed for a crash into a handicapped sign!

  2. Enduring the challenges of Maine winters facilities the amazing exuberance one feels at the arrival of spring!

  3. You have nailed it – and yes, those postcards with folks who are actually seeing the sun – and getting some color to their skin, other than paste white – of course they’re happy SIGH!! Our only alternative is to turn the furnace up to 80, lie on rug and pretend you are at the beach! That’s the life we have chosen – for now!

  4. I like the twist on the way we can view Maine winters! I took a long “winter’s nap” today. Honestly, I never feel “right” doing that on a weekend as I feel I have to get everything done that I was unable to do during the work week. But, today I was bold and daring…I took a nap..without an ounce of guilt! I took a nice shower(in fear of power outages – I needed to get that in! I felt rather adventurous showering with the chance that the power could go out mid-way through. I’m bad to the bone!!)
    What a great day in.
    Do you think I’m bold enough to skydive?
    I agree – come on up, Floridians! Maine really is “vacationland ” Guilt free napping! Woohoo!!

  5. Blizzards give us an excuse to be still. No expectations. No “to do” list. No “gotta go to…”. I have been enjoyed a guilt-free, unproductive day off—really off. And it is beautiful outside!! Hunkering down is most definitely good for the soul!

  6. Enjoying the day in.
    Learned a new song
    Called family to check on mother and wished sister in 77 degree AR a Happy birthday
    Roasting a turkey
    Sewing machine ready to go for fun project
    Watching the snow blow in the wind
    Good day; grateful not trying to travel to Florida today. Hope yoy visit

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