10 Sure-fire ways to cope with cabin fever

It’s cabin fever season here in the northeast. Everyone is tired of winter and ready for spring. I have it easier than most since I am an indoor person by nature, but even I get restless this time of year and have trouble with motivation.

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How to cope?

  1. Relive historic sports moments. The Patriots won the Super Bowl. Again. Bask in how awesome it is to be a Patriot’s fan. Watch highlights of the game while wearing your team shirt and eating nachos. Think about how training camp starts in only 20 weeks.
  2. Watch “Magnum PI” on Netflix. It is funny and Tom Selleck is in his prime, looking boss in those outdated ultra-short shorts. And of course the setting of Hawaii is just what you need to imagine living in paradise.
  3. Get a spray tan. Then make up a story about where you went to get your ‘tan.’ See number 2. Hawaii.
  4. Pretend you are at the beach (in Hawaii). Turn up the heat and walk around in your bathing suit showing off your spray tan.
  5. Have a picnic. Plan a menu of grilled burgers, chips, macaroni salad, and Shock Top Lemon Shandy (the only summer beer in the cooler right now). When you give thanks for your meal, give an extra shout out to God for the absence of flies, ants and wasps.
  6. Build a snowman. Then unleash your inner beast and tear out his beady little eyes, throw his carrot nose as far as you can, and pummel him with a shovel until Frosty is a jolly, happy pile of useless s**w. Don’t forget warrior screams while you engage in this therapeutic activity.
  7. Clean up doggy doo from the yard. It is easy to see against the white background and since you feel like doo, you might as well collect some.
  8. Sleep. Never underestimate the power of the power nap to help pass the time while you wait for spring. Depression is so much more tolerable when you don’t resist it.
  9. Eat more carbs. It may not be a long-lasting energizer, but for a few minutes you will feel better.
  10. Go to your favorite travel site, and price out a trip. To Hawaii. Or you could do what Patrick and I do, and take a seven-mile trip to South Brewer. The change of scenery really does us a lot of good, and we save so much money.

How do you cope with cabin fever?

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9 thoughts on “10 Sure-fire ways to cope with cabin fever

  1. I think I will go with the napping idea! Since I’m sick, gee golly gosh I will sleep it off! Hey, It’s not so bad snoozin’ when it’s too cold to do anything outside. This way, I won’t feel like I’m missing out on anything! Woo-hoo!!

  2. South Brewer is truly a paradise! haha

    I will add a strategy:

    Smile all the time. Even if it’s fake at first. Even if it hurts. Because it’s proven that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, will actually make you happier and that smile could even become genuine!

    Hooray for tricking our brains!

  3. Great suggestions on how to cope with that Northern Maine malady – cabin fever. I’ve adjusted them slightly to fit my unique perspective.
    1. I got past the Patriot’s win a while ago when high school tournament season started. Now I prefer to relive the historic sports moment of our own Washburn High School Lady Beavers winning their record-setting FIFTH state championship in Class D. Go Beavers!!
    2. I can (and do) watch Tom Selleck any time, any place, any season, any age, any show, etc. etc. I can get pretty heated up even now when he’s on the screen!
    3 & 4. Huummm. Spray tan, huh? That might work for those folks with smooth and supple bodies, but how do I get the spray under all my rolls? And walking around in my house wearing a bathing suit might cause a pileup bigger than the one on I-95 once drivers spy me through all my many windows!
    5. Picnic sounds great and I love the idea of no flies; but I think I’ll stick to my usual cranberry juice to help ward off those pesky UTIs.
    6.Build a snowman??!! Build a snowman??!! Emphasis on the word build !! That would mean skipping No. 8, as I have been in hibernation for most of the winter – zonked out in my recliner. Hope never wanes that when I wake up, Spring will have sprung.
    7. I don’t have a dog, so no pooper scooper outside. Does having a cat and cleaning the litter box in the basement count? It is surprising satisfying!
    8. See reference in No. 6. Nuff said!
    9. Since when has eating more carbs been limited to the winter months? I’m a “carbonoholic” year-round, thank you very much!
    10. The closest I’ve come to taking a trip South is going to Presque Isle (well it is south of Washburn!) to have my hair colored. (Oops!! Only my hairdresser is supposed to know for sure.)
    11. (My own suggestion) Catch up on your reading. I’ve read so many books, I’m burned out. Now I’m trying to catch up on my (years’ worth) stash of magazines. I’m about to reach the danger point in that too. If you see a cloud appear over my house, you’ll know I’ve od’d and have finally blown my stack. Will Spring never come??!!

    • Way to add to the list! I like your thoughtful strategies adapted to your unique situation. 🙂 I don’t see not owning a dog as an excuse for not cleaning up some doo. I’m sure someone in your neighborhood could use some help with this worthy project.

      • You’re right, Molly. My neighbor’s dog sometimes leaves “poo” presents for me on my lawn. Unfortunately, I don’t usually find them until I start cleaning up in the spring and after I’ve gathered a few on the bottom of my shoe.

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